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I am an active researcher on the topic of goals-based investing with numerous articles, trade publications, and peer-reviewed articles to my name. I am the author of the 2023 book with Wiley, Goals-Based Portfolio Theory. In 2017 I received the National Association of Active Investment Manager’s Founders Award for Investment research. I serve on the advisory board for the Journal of Wealth Management—the only peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to original research and practical guidance for high-net-worth investors and family offices. I am also a CFA charterholder and international speaker. In addition to my research, I am a free-market advocate.

Yes, I am interested in research collaborations. For speaking engagements, please contact me through this site or my LinkedIn.

This site is a repository for my ongoing research, expositions on both mine and others’ research, as well as a record of my various publications.

Technical blog is my repository for the various “spells” we cast in finance (lots of how-tos and ongoing analysis of interesting ideas). I expand and discuss my ongoing research there, and post links to my non-acadamic publications.

Under the Research tab you will find in-English summaries and the various particulars of my research.

Also, and this is very important: please note that none of what I write here should be construed as investment advice, nor is it representative of anyone else’s opinion but my own, and my opinions change often!